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Friday, March 28, 2014
Program Evaluation Confirms MRSc Research-Practice Link

A review of 62 MRSc graduates' projects to November 2013 provides evidence that their research initiatives are strongly linked to practice and aligned with the MRSc goal of workplace-based research. The vast majority of topics were related to the themes 'evidence based practice and client outcomes' and 'service delivery' while the remaining projects were associated with 'professional development' or the 'professional work environment' directly or indirectly impacting practice. Qualitative, quantitative and mixed research approaches were used to explore topics important to rehabilitation science and practice.

Service Delivery

In researching rehabilitation 'service delivery' in diverse settings from acute care hospitals to homes and communities, MRSc learners explored critical topics such as recruitment and retention of therapists in remote communities, developing indicators for prioritizing new referrals, identifying barriers and facilitators to the application of outcome measures, and the development of cultural competence guidelines for practitioners.

Evidence based practice and client outcomes

Focusing on client needs and rehabilitation approaches for people across the lifespan, MRSc 'evidence based practice and client outcomes' projects include developing and integrating best practice guidelines, building evidence for the use of outcome measures, developing tools and assessments for target populations, testing interventions and evaluating programs, identifying educational and informational needs and approaches, comparing treatment protocols, and identifying barriers and facilitators to human functioning.

Professional development and the professional work environment

Contributing to the professional development of rehabilitation practitioners and future practitioners, these MRSc projects examined issues that can influence health and/or productivity in the workplace. They include approaches to clinical reasoning and effective distance mentorship of practitioners in remote communities, gaps in knowledge and skill that impede best practice, processes for preparing students for global health, and characteristics of successful working relationships.

For nearly a decade MRSc graduates have been advancing rehabilitation science through applied course assignments and research that is situated in their practice, changing how they think and view practice, and positioning them well to facilitate practice change.


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