Jason Giesbrecht


Jason Giesbrecht, a senior healthcare leader in British Columbia, has extensive experience leading and managing large healthcare programs across the full spectrum of health sectors including acute care, residential care, assisted living, home health, diagnostic imaging, laboratory services, primary care, rehabilitation and allied health services. He has held numerous senior level positions such as Director, Regional Director, Executive Director, Health Services Administrator and Chief Operating Officer. At the present time, Jason holds the position of “Executive Director, Primary and Community Care Transformation” with the Interior Health Authority in British Columbia, Canada.

As a physiotherapist, Jason worked in a variety of public and private healthcare settings through the first decade of his career. In addition, Jason has taught numerous courses at the post-secondary level and is currently an Adjunct Professor in the Faculty of Medicine at UBC where he facilitates the RHSC 583 course on Transformational Leadership for the MRSc. He has facilitated numerous leadership courses and workshops, authored a number of e-books on leadership and management, has been published in a well-respected peer-reviewed medical journal, and is an EQ-i / EQ360 Certified Practitioner and Achieve Global Leadership trainer. He is also the Principal Consultant for RehabEQ, a leadership consulting company which provides emotional intelligence assessment and training for rehabilitation professionals.

Jason holds a Bachelor Arts in Psychology, a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Therapy, a Master of Science degree in Physical Therapy, and a Graduate Certificate in Health System Leadership.

In his downtime, Jason enjoys spending time with his family, adventuring in the backcountry, fitness, sailing, and travelling to Central America.