Roslyn Gillan



Roslyn Gillan is thrilled to be a part of the dynamic instructional team for RHSC 501: Evidence for Practice. Based in Victoria, BC, she primarily works as an Occupational Therapy Community Practice Resource for Island Health. This position provides practice support to OTs as well as other interdisciplinary team members across Vancouver Island. Roslyn enjoys bridging research with front-line practice using fun and practical knowledge translation strategies.

Roslyn graduated with her BScOT from the University of Alberta and a MScOT from Queen's University. Since graduation, she continues to contribute to the academic and research community through joint publications in Journal of Alzheimer's and Other Dementias and Journal of Americian Medical Directors Association (JAMDA). Roslyn is currently a local site investigator for a CIHI funded project looking at the DIVERT scale embedded in the RAI instrument.

Roslyn has a variety of interests from being a goalie for a women’s ice hockey team, decorating cakes and traveling. She also really enjoys feeding ducks, and making sandcastles with her husband and two young kids, Ash and Maisie!