Kathy Davidson



Kathy Davidson is an instructor for RHSC 501: Evidence for Practice. She graduated from Western University in 1990 with a Bachelor of Science (Physical Therapy) and worked clinically for 20 years, primarily in paediatrics in a variety of settings (school age/early intervention) and locations (northern, urban and rural, in Ontario and British Columbia). She then completed a Master of Rehabilitation Science (MRSc) degree at the University of British Columbia in 2009 and moved away from clinical work in 2011.

Kathy is an independent consultant, and focuses her work largely within the regulated health professions, and in the areas of standards development, competency revision, literature reviews, environmental scanning, policy development, provision of background and discussion papers, development and management of new and existing accreditation programs, and technical editing. Her interests have evolved to include writing and editing services for works of fiction and non-fiction, such as professional materials, manuals and educational resources, and methods to facilitate effective translation of knowledge to practice using easy-to-understand language. She is currently the Executive Director of Physiotherapy Education Accreditation Canada, the organization which accredits the entry-to-practice physiotherapy programs in Canada.

She published her MRSc research on a points-based caseload measure for paediatric therapists in 2010. She credits the online learning with providing her the opportunity to connect with colleagues across Canada and an understanding that “virtual” collaboration can be as effective as working together in a physical office space.