Marion Briggs



Marion Briggs is an instructor for RHSC 583 - Interprofessional Practice. Her career spans more than 45 years in three Canadian Provinces and two States in the US. She practiced clinically as a physical therapist and was Director of Rehabilitation Services at the University Hospital in Edmonton. At the University of Alberta, she was also a research associate with the John Dosseter Health Ethics Centre in Edmonton. There, she was part of a research group examining relational ethics as the foundation for clinical bioethics. She was CEO of Seeds of Corporate Consciousness, a management consulting firm specializing in organizational leadership and team dynamics. She was a practice consultant, operations leader for a long-term care centre and an assisted living facility in Vancouver and has worked in medical education at the Eastern Virginia Medical School, in Norfolk, Virginia, and the Northern Ontario School of Medicine. She is a Phoenix Fellow with AMS Health, Toronto where she is involved with promoting compassionate person-centred care and health professional education. In addition to her Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy (U of A), she holds a Master of Arts in Leadership (Health) from Royal Roads University in BC, and a Doctoral degree through the Complexity and Management Research Institute at the University of Hertfordshire in England. Her doctoral work was related to understanding health care practices through the perspectives of complexity theory. Marion is married to Janet McElhaney. They have one daughter (son-in-law) and a grandson and currently live in Sudbury, Ontario.