Sue Stanton

Sue Stanton spearheaded development of the University of British Columbia (UBC) Graduate Certificate in Rehabilitation and the UBC Master of Rehabilitation Science programs, and was the Director of the UBC Rehabilitation Science Online Programs through June 2016.

The author of RHSC 507, 'Developing Effective Rehabilitation Programs', and the RHSC 587 and 589 Major Project courses, and a co-author of RHSC 583, 'Applying Research to Practice', Sue is now working full-time on her PhD studies. In addition to developing proposals for the two Rehabilitation Science Online Programs, Sue has proposed, developed and delivered many programs including new services as a senior clinician and a variety of educational programs as a UBC occupational therapy fieldwork coordinator, and Head of the former Division of Occupational Therapy.

A strong interest in education in practice and higher education led Sue to complete her MA in education. Sue began incorporating online learning components into her courses in 1998, and teaching 100% online graduate courses in 2001. She completed graduate course work online for her Advanced Graduate Diploma in Distance Education (Technology) with Athabasca University and is now a PhD Candidate at Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia. Sue has observed that the added time for reflection available when online learners do not need to respond immediately to others' fosters richer and more stimulating discussions than is possible in face-to-face classes. Being able to participate any time of day allows learners to fit study around other commitments.

Sue's teaching excellence has been recognized through a UBC Killam Award and a national 3M Canada teaching fellowship, and her work in these online programs earned her the UBC Faculty of Medicine, CME/CPD Innovation Award in 2009.

Her current research focuses on the administration, design and delivery of distance and online programs, and the implications of the changing education context for sustainable teaching in higher education.