UBC Master of Rehabilitation Courses

The UBC Master of Rehabilitation Science program is a post entry-level graduate program for health professionals with a degree in a health discipline.

The 100% online program includes two study options: 1) solely course-based studies, or 2) a combination of course-based studies and a work- or practice-based research project. The MRSc degree can be completed in one year of full-time study (course-based option only) or in two to five years if studying part-time while working.

Eligible learners beginning the MRSc program in September 2017 or later may pursue a program of study with a manual therapy focus, to include courses from the UBC Graduate Certificate in Orthopaedic Manipulative Physical Therapy (GCOMPT); additional admission requirements are needed, please visit their website for further information.

Program Objectives
 Following the course of study MRSc graduates will be able to:

  • assess the value of rehabilitation research to practice,
  •  facilitate the transfer of knowledge to practice,
  • use the best evidence to support practice,
  • use outcome and other measures effectively,
  • use theory to support decision-making,
  • plan effective educational programs for clients, families, students and colleagues,
  • design rehabilitation programs to meet identified rehabilitation needs, 
  • evaluate the effectiveness of rehabilitation programs,
  • write records, reports and articles that facilitate best practice and/or knowledge transfer,
  • reflect critically on practice decisions to identify areas for change and future learning, and
  • use the Internet to access resources to inform practice, and participate in interactive online activities such as courses, conferences and tele-health service delivery.

The MRSc program requires the completion of 30 credits as follows:

  • Five Core Courses (15 credits) - RHSC 501, 503, 505, 507, 509
    • Course Based Option (additional 15 credits)
      • Elective MRSc Courses (choose from 1.5 or 3 credit courses)
      • Pre-approved non-MRSc courses* (max 6 credits)
    • Work- or Practice-based Research Project Option (additional 15 credits)
      • RHSC 587 - Major Project I (3 credits)
      • RHSC 589B - Major Project II (6 credits)
      • Elective MRSc courses (choose from 1.5 or 3 credit courses)
      • Pre-approved non-MRSc courses* (max 6 credits) 
  • OR
  • Manual Therapy focus
UBC Electives

Learners may apply to take up to two non-MRSc electives offered by UBC or another accredited university provided each course is at the 300 level or higher. Program approval must be obtained prior to enrollment in non-MRSc electives and a 'B' grade is required for transfer credit. Please refer to the Learner Guide in ROLS for further details and an Elective Request Form.