Patricia Mortenson


Patricia M

Patricia is currently Co-Director of the Rehabilitation Sciences Online Programs (shared with Daniela Cavalcante) and coordinator of the Major Project Course. She is a Clinical Associate Professor within the Department of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy, and her involvement with RSOP began in 2007. She is a long-time instructor and previous course coordinator of RHSC 501 and was the Program Manager from 2016-18. She has supervised many major projects, and co-published with previous learners, including a Canadian Journal of Occupational Therapy “Golden Quill” award winning paper with Ellie Wray, now herself an instructor with RSOP.

She particularly enjoys the diversity of learner backgrounds, the depth of on-line discussions and the ‘real life’ applicability of the courses and learning.

Patricia graduated from UBC with BSc(OT) from UBC, and later with a research based MSc in Rehabilitation Sciences. She continues clinical OT work at BC Children’s Hospital, in the Neuromuscular Program. From her involvement in clinical research, she has publications in several different peer-reviewed rehabilitation and medical journals, on topics ranging from outcomes post rhizotomy surgery, paediatric concussion, and plagiocephaly care.

Patricia is currently in doctoral studies at UBC, with a focus on rehabilitation for children living with spinal muscular atrophy. She is also currently a project coordinator with the Neuromuscular Disease Network 4 Canada, for the Expert Patient Capacity Building Project.

Patricia volunteers with the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists and Girl Guides of Canada, and when not juggling her day timer, she enjoys biking, hiking, knitting and generational debates with her teen-aged children (Gen X vs. Gen Z).