For Current Learners

Welcome Master’s and Graduate Certificate Learners

New and returning learners should visit ROLS, the Learner Support course  which includes numerous student resources, the learner orientation, updates on e-library access and important announcements from administration. You can also download the most recent version of the learner guide here which is updated every August. 

The New Learner Orientation runs twice a year (in August for September admissions and December for January admissions). It takes approximately 4 hours to complete and can be done anytime over the scheduled period. Your “Preparing for…” letter will provide you with the dates the orientation will run.


Run a computer specification & browser check (Refer to #1 & 2 in the ‘General Information’ section). Use these to ensure that your computer has the necessary software to support courses run in Canvas. Please also enable pop-ups in your browser software. You will notice on the left of the Canvas login page that there are links to other helpful information.

Online Orders for Course Texts

We recommend ordering textbooks through online distributors (e.g. Amazon, Chapters). A list of required texts is available in ROLS under the ‘Textbooks for Courses‘ section.

Course Registration Date (2019-20 Academic Year)
Opens June 4, 2019 for classes starting in September 2019, and January and April 2020

Current course schedule.


UBC Electives

Learners may apply to take non-MRSc electives offered by UBC or another accredited university provided it is at the 300 level or higher. Program approval must be obtained prior to enrollment in non-MRSc electives. Please refer to the ‘Non-MRSc Electives‘ section in ROLS for details.