GCR Curriculum (Courses)

The Graduate Certificate in Rehabilitation (GCR) program is delivered entirely online and designed to provide usable, evidence-based skills to assist rehabilitation professionals in meeting the demands of the current health care environment. The program also develops skills in web-based and problem-based learning that enhances learners’ ability to apply their new knowledge to practice. Learners who successfully complete the five courses will receive the Certificate.

Program Objectives
Those who complete all five courses will be confident to:

  • Make evidence-based decisions.
  • Use outcome and other measures effectively.
  • Use rehabilitation theory to guide and support their decision-making.
  • Use critical reflection to make changes that enhance practice.
  • Design rehabilitation programs to meet identified rehabilitation needs.
  • Plan effective educational programs for clients, families, students, and colleagues.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of rehabilitation programs.

Five Courses
RHSC 501: Evidence for Practice.  Develop the knowledge and skills for critical review and use of evidence in making practice decisions that lead to the best client outcomes.  More info…

RHSC 503: Reasoning and Decision-Making. Guided by relevant conceptual frameworks, strategies such as critical reflection, narratives, and the assessment of the literature and other evidence are examined to enhance reasoning, decision-making and reflective practice. More info…

RHSC 505: Measurement for Assessment, Planning and Evaluation.  Examine the use of measurement theory to guide the critical review, selection and use of measures in practice. More info…

RHSC 507: Developing Effective Rehabilitation Programs. Apply approaches of effective design, marketing and evaluation of rehabilitation services, to write and respond to Requests for Proposals (RFPs). More info…

RHSC 509: Facilitating Learning in Rehabilitation Contexts. Learn approaches to creating positive and innovative learning experiences for clients, families, colleagues and students in rehabilitation. More info…