Prospective Learners

Why Grad Studies at the UBC Rehabilitation Science Online Programs?

Our online programs attract international learners from many health professions who are outstanding clinicians, managers and leaders in rehabilitation practice. In general, they pursue graduate studies to update their knowledge and gain further expertise to impact care, shape practice, and advance their careers. Together they address the complex needs of individuals seeking rehabilitation. Our learners include chiropractors, dietitians, kinesiologists, massage therapists, nurses, occupational therapists, orthotists, and physical therapists.

Graduate Programs
Find out about the advantages to each of our two programs by clicking on the links below. Here you will also find important information regarding admission requirements, application processes and deadlines.

Master of Rehabilitation Science (MRSc)

Graduate Certification in Rehabilitation (GCR)

Choose your Path
Starting in September 2012 we introduced a new course-based option for the Master of Rehabilitation Science. In this option, project research is not required. Instead, learners take additional courses related to their particular area of interest. Explore which path works for you. It is not necessary to choose from the two options in the Master of Rehabilitation Science until you are in the program.

Major Project Research
Learners who choose the research option undertake a small project to address a challenge or problem in their workplace. They can work alone or a group may decide to work together, each studying a small piece of a larger issue. Workplace sponsors are required and often become strong supporters and participate in the online presentations. Barriers to knowledge translation are reduced because the the research is conducted in the workplace and addresses everyday practice problems. Review the abstracts.

Online Community
In their joint valedictorian address, the graduating class of November 2009 described it well.

“A gift of comradeship emerged between the learners, the professors and the advisors, despite the online nature of our communication…. There are unique challenges of building a relationship which relies solely on the written word. Despite initially longing to hear voices and see faces, we did establish wonderful relationships with our classmates and instructors. In fact, today, although many of us had not met face-to-face, we greeted each other as long lost friends.”

Our online community reaches across Canada and extends into China, England, Switzerland, the United States and Australia. Establishing these networks around the world and sharing diverse perspectives becomes so rewarding that many of our graduates continue to keep in touch.

If you are unsure if online learning is for you, visit the Illinois Online Network for a list of characteristics of successful online learners.

Tuition Fees and Other Costs
Planning ahead for your graduate studies includes knowing the costs upfront. In the UBC Rehabilitation Science Online Programs you pay per course. Read more about the fees and related costs…

Faculty of Graduate and Post-Doctoral Studies
The Master of Rehabilitation Science is one of 250 grad programs available through the Faculty of Graduate and Post-Doctoral Studies. Visit their website for more information about grad studies at UBC.