Tuition and Other Costs

Tuition and Other Costs

Tuition is assessed on a course-by-course basis and therefore payable per 3-credit course. Learners are charged half the 3-credit course rate for 1.5-credit courses. Tuition is tax deductible in Canada.

Current Course Fees

Domestic tuitionInternational tuition
3 credit course: $1,358.13 CDN3 credit course: $1511.43 CDN
1.5 credit course: $679.06 CDN1.5 credit course: $755.71CDN

For the Master of Rehabilitation Science you must obtain 30 credits so the total cost of the degree is 10 times the current 3-credit course fee. Tuition fees may increase over the time that you are studying but this equation will give you a close estimate of your overall tuition fees. Non-course fees of approximately $60 per year are required from all graduate learners and include membership in the Graduate Students Society.

Ten, 3-credit courses @ $1,331.52 = $13,315 CDN plus annual non-course fees (domestic students)

Ten, 3-credit courses @ $1,453.32 = $14,533 CDN plus annual non-course fees (international students)

For the Graduate Certificate in Rehabilitation you must complete the five core courses (15 credits) so the total cost is 5 times the current 3-credit course.

Five 3-credit courses @ $1,331.52 = $6,657.6 CDN (domestic students)

Five 3-credit courses @ $1,453.32 = $7,266.6 CDN (international students)

Although we endeavour to keep abreast of current course tuition fees, please confirm directly on the UBC Calendar available here.

Application Fees for MRSc program only
When you complete the online application fee for admission to the MRSc program, you are required to pay the current application fees which are:

  • Canadians (and Permanent Residents): $106 CDN
  • International Applicants: $168.25 CDN

Please see the Faculty of Graduate and Post-Doctoral Studies website here for the most up-to-date information on application fees.

Currently, there are no application fees for the Graduate Certificate in Rehabilitation.

Books and Course Materials
Typically, you will need to purchase one or two required texts for each course which range from $60-130 each. Delivery charges and applicable taxes are extra.