Critically Appraised Topics (CATS) Online

The CATS on this site were written by graduate learners in the RHSC 501Evidence for Practice course.

CATS begin to provide direction for practice by asking a clinical question, reviewing the literature and summarizing the best available research evidence on the subject. These CATs were reviewed by the instructors and learners in the course but independent peer reviews were not conducted. They are not edited and appear as submitted by the learners who gave their permission for posting. Questions or feedback regarding these CATs may be addressed to the Program Coodinator.

Critically Appraised Topics

Murphy, A. (2021). Effectiveness of Motivational Interviewing for Adults with Substance Use Disorders.PDF

Cayanga, A (2021). Video Modelling Intervention in Toilet Training Children on the Autism Spectrum.PDF

Ariss, J. (2014). The effectiveness of aerobic exercise with social interaction versus without social interaction to reduce symptoms of depression. (PDF)

Boniface, G. (2013). Effectiveness of Journal Clubs an an Intervention to Promote Evidence Based Practice. (PDF)

Close, E. (2018). Mindfulness-Based Interventions may be Effective for Reducing Functional Limitations in Clients with Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain. (PDF)

Hayes, T. (2015). The effectiveness of continuous passive motion (CPM) following total knee arthroplasty. (PDF)

Koh, P. (2018). The Effect of Vocational Rehabilitation on Return-to-Work Rates in Adults with Stroke. (PDF)

Mira, F. (2015). Effectiveness of non-pharmacological interventions on quality of life in adults with ADHD. (PDF)

Montgomery, I. (2013). Are handwriting impairments associated with autism spectrum disorders in elementary school aged children? (PDF)

Patterson, C. (2013). Exercise and physical function in the paediatric solid organ transplant population. (PDF)

Purves, E. (2015). Effectiveness of manual therapy at reducing pain perception in paediatric complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) type 1. (PDF)

Robertsen, Carol. (2013). Exploring nurses decisions regarding mobilization of hospitalized patients. (PDF)

Simon, M. (2013). Group versus Individual Fine Motor Therapy for Preschool-aged Children. (PDF)