Research Relay Webinars

RESEARCH RELAYS for rehabilitation practice

Relay – either as a noun or a verb may involve passing information from one person to another – one practice to another – one location to another – often with a goal or destination in mind. Also associated with ensuring good connections and speed. We hope you will join us in our FREE WEBINARS where learners and graduates from the Master of Rehabilitation Science Program present results from systematic reviews or their major project research. By relaying their results and any further work they have done in the area, we invite you to pick up the ‘virtual baton’ and discuss how it could influence your practice and work setting. Make new connections in just one hour!

Fall 2017 Series

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Early Identification and Early Intervention for Children with DCD: State of the Evidence
Presenter: Emily Lee

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Exploring the Role of Community-Based Recreation Therapy in Mental Health Recovery
Presenter: Jessica Ariss

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“Printing Like a Pro!: Classroom Teachers’ Perceptions of the Program & Use of the Program in a School-based Printing Club
Presenter: Ivonne Montgomery

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An Exploration into how Occupational Therapists and Therapy Assistants are Collaborating in Acute Care
Presenter: Louise Donnellan

You can listen to any of the 2013 Archived Webinars, 2014 Archived Webinars, 2015 Archived Webinars, or 2016 Archived Webinars.