2014 Archived Webinars

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Lived Experiences of early Transdisciplinary Teaming in a Pediatric Community Rehabilitation Setting
Presenter: Tamie Aubin
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Home Health physiotherapy: When transferring care to rehabilitation assistants supports recovery after hip fracture
Presenter: Janet McLennan Lundie
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Diagnosis and Treatment Recommendations in Children Referred for Gait Abnormalities: Concordance between a Physical Therapist and a Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon
Presenter: Stacey Miller
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Preparedness in private practice physiotherapy: Novices’ identify key factors in an interpretive description study
Presenter: Robyn Atkinson (formerly Vermeulen)
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Healthcare Leadership in Times of Prolonged Uncertainty
Presenter: Sarah Sinanan
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The Evaluation of a Piloted Protected Mealtime in a Canadian Hospital
Presenter: Jan Chan
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Prosthetics and Orthotics (P&O): Education for the Development of Professional Competencies: Students’ Experiences and Reflections
Presenter: Kathleen Orsi
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Parents’ Experiences of Splinting Programs for Babies with Congenital Limb Anomalies
Presenter: Kim Durlacher
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Clinical Reasoning Used by Occupational Therapists When Choosing Functional Cognitive Assessments for Seniors
Presenter: Ardith Richter
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Survey of Physiotherapists: Preparing Physiotherapy Students for Global Health Work
Presenter: Carlie Vidal
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