Webinar Presenter Ivonne Montgomery

November 24, 2017 – Printing Like a Pro!: Classroom Teachers’ Perceptions of the Program & Use of the Program in a School-based Printing Club Ivonne Montgomery recently graduated from the University of British Columbia from the Master of Rehabilitation Science (MRSc) program. She has worked as an occupational therapist in pediatric practice settings for her entire career. Ivonne works at Sunny Hill Health Centre for Children in Vancouver as a Knowledge Broker and in the School-Aged Therapy Program (School District 43, Coquitlam).

This presentation is based on Ivonne’s MRSc major project and directed study research of the Printing Like a Pro! program, that she co-developed with Dr. Jill Zwicker before starting her masters’ studies. Ivonne’s passion for research inspired her to enter the program to evaluate the printing program – both its effectiveness in a school setting and teachers’ perceptions of classroom use of the program. Findings of Ivonne’s studies support use and effectiveness of the program both in a printing club format as well as for entire classroom use in the primary grades. Research findings have lead to revisions and enhancements of the program to better enable all who utilize this program to help children who struggle with handwriting challenges.

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