Support Post Cardiac Rehabilitation: Feedback Following a Group Medical Visit

Darrel Hagel

Purpose: To obtain cardiovascular disease (CVD) patient experience after attending a follow-up group medical visit (GMV), post-cardiac rehabilitation (CR).

Methods: 10 Participants engaged in two different focus group sessions (n=5 per group). Three moderators conducted and audio recorded the focus groups using a naturalistic approach.  The data was transcribed and coded using applied thematic analysis to develop themes.

Findings: Identified main themes included: peer support, participant engagement, enhanced self-care, and enhanced physician engagement. Participants appreciated the simplified education, but felt a mental health worker, dietician and a support person would have been worthwhile additions. A simple, comfortable and familiar setup was deemed beneficial.

Conclusion: GMV’s can be a positive and engaging experience for participants 3 months post CR. Many of the findings are consistent with similar GMV studies involving a variety of chronic diseases. Participants desired ongoing, long-term follow up, which GMV’s have the potential to provide.