Sarabjeet Charchun, MRSc 2022

A Personal and Professional Investment

Sarabjeet Charchun was already well into a full and dynamic career when she returned to UBC to study in the online MRSc program. An occupational therapist well known and respected for her roles in clinical, hospital leadership and professional association advocacy work, Sarabjeet was looking to fulfill a promise and investment in herself and to create greater impacts at her workplace (Surrey Memorial Hospital, Fraser Health) and beyond. Her work, family responsibilities and commuting logistics made it unrealistic to enroll in a traditional ‘in-person’ program and she quickly adapted to the online MRSc learning environment.

Through her coursework Sarabjeet’s confidence in scrutinizing and applying literature in her clinical and leadership work grew, as did the writing skills she needs for her operational, supervisory and advocacy work. “Whether it is through the lens of being a clinician, an operational leader or a researcher, the MRSc program has changed how I will evaluate, implement and create new knowledge”.

During her time in the program Sarabjeet balanced many ongoing and unexpected life events, both at work and home (layered with a pandemic) but was able to get through the challenging times with the flexibility and understanding of the program instructors. Her main strategy was not to overthink assignments, but to just start writing to get her ideas and thoughts flowing.

Sarabjeet is grateful that she ultimately decided to complete the major project course option after receiving mentorship advice that “research work will change the way you think”. It has done just that for Sarabjeet and she is excited about the further contributions she will make to her profession and the world of rehabilitation. In her research project, Sarabjeet focused on clinician perspectives in telerehabilitation.

Sarabjeet’s advice to others? “If you are thinking about it, do it. It is an investment in yourself and your growth as a clinician and as a person. An accomplishment you will always be proud of…just as I am.” And so you should be Sarabjeet, well done and congratulations!