A New Course for the Rehabilitation Sciences Online Programs: Introducing RHSC 591 Leadership in Rehabilitation

“Unleash your full potential as a rehabilitation leader, creating a legacy of growth, healing, and progress”

With great excitement, the Rehabilitation Sciences Online Programs (RSOP) announces a new course within the MRSc degree program with an exclusive focus on leadership in rehabilitation.

Healthcare leaders face many competing demands and rapid and frequent organizational change. Frequently, leadership roles are filled by clinicians, who may be experienced and competent in providing patient care, but who have not had formal training in leadership. Post-graduate leadership training in healthcare is effective in translating leadership knowledge to practice when the training is grounded in current best practices and interprofessional models of care1

Topics covered in this 3-credit elective course include leadership styles and approaches, the role of emotional intelligence in leadership effectiveness, reflective leadership practice, and application of leadership practices in clinical rehabilitation.

This new course, added to the established components of the MRSc degree, will equip professionals with the skills and knowledge needed to advance their practice and position themselves as clinical rehabilitation leaders.

The course will be coordinated and co-instructed by RSOP Instructor Jason Giesbrecht. Jason has a wealth knowledge and experience in leadership development, program planning and teaching. He has held Rehabilitation and Allied Health Program and Regional Director roles and is a current Executive Director in the Interior Health Authority of British Columbia.

We take this opportunity to thank Jason, and the course development team for many hours of work to bring this course to fruition.

1. Middleton, R., et al. The impact and translation of postgraduate leadership education on practice in healthcare. Collegian (2020), https://doi.org/10.1016/j.colegn.2020.01.002