RHSC 589 – Major Project II (Research completion)

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Course Description

The major project enables learners to synthesize the knowledge gained from their required coursework, transfer their new knowledge to rehabilitation practice, and demonstrate achievement of the MRSc program objectives. RHSC 587: Major Project, Part I supports development of the project proposal while RHSC 589: Major Project, Part II primarily supports writing the final report and the project defence.

In RHSC 589, after implementing their research plan that was approved in RHSC 587, learners write up and present their results for critical review, report on what they have learned and identify areas for further learning. Like RHSC 587, this project is largely carried out independent of other learners; however, learners have the opportunity to discuss project challenges and obtain feedback from peers during the course.


  • Complete RHSC 587.
  • At a minimum you need to have all ethics approvals; and it is highly recommended that you have recruited all research participants.

Course Objectives

The specific objectives will vary for each learner and will be directed by the learners’ research questions, however, through the course website learners will:

  • Present their project findings to peers.
  • Examine the implications of their work for rehabilitation practice, and where appropriate, assess the extent to which the findings will be transferred to rehabilitation practice.

Course Readings

Required Textbook

De Poy, E. & Gitlin, L. N. (2015). Introduction to research: Understanding and applying multiple strategies (5th ed.). St Louis, MO: Elsevier.

Recommended Textbook*

Carpenter, C., & Suto, M. (2008). Qualitative research for occupational and physical therapists. Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell. [Paperback, ISBN: 978-1405144353].

* While the title indicates that the book targets occupational therapists and physical therapists, the content is relevant to all rehabilitation professionals.