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Lauren Gavrailoff, 2018

Fulfilling a personal goal

Welcome to our refreshed website!

You may have noticed that our website has changed! We hope you like this new version, but please let us know if you can’t find what you are looking for or if you come across any broken links – your feedback is very helpful. Please bear with us as we transition the final pieces from […]

Mimi Channa Simon, 2018

Exploration and discovery of diverse interests

Darrel Hagel, 2018

Shaping cardiac rehabilitation care in the BC Okanagan

Ivonne Montgomery, 2017

Empowering children to ‘Print like a Pro!’

Deb Watterworth, 2016

Creating your next career opportunity

Louise Donnellan, 2017

Exploring how OTs and OTAs collaborate

Carmen Reed, 2017

Learning from the other side of the world

Andrea Wilson Prager, 2016

Balancing work, family and studies whilst changing practice as a school-based OT

Karen Hurtubise, 2009

Journey of unforeseen opportunities and the start of PhD studies

Anna Pistawka, 2015

Collaborating in a rich, interprofessional environment

Sarah Sinanan, 2014

Transition to a new area of leadership

Karen Barclay, 2014

Flexibility to focus on what is meaningful

Carlie Vidal, 2014

Broadening knowledge and cultivating career opportunities

Jan Chan, 2014

Skills and knowledge for health leadership and collaboration

Jodi Boucher, 2013

Addressing the needs of postpartum women

Anne Marie Bishop, 2013

Developing the skills for knowledge translation in rural practice

Claudia Hernandez Riano, 2010

From one course for Canadian Competency requirements to completing a full MRSc

Glen Cashman, 2013

Enhancing research and educator skills as a team chiropractor for the Vancouver Canucks

Janice Duivestein, 2010

Resetting a view of practice whilst gaining new program management skills

Jill Hooper, 2013

Staying competitive and improving skill sets