Applying Printing Like a Pro! in a School-based Printing Club: A Pilot Study

Ivonne Montgomery

Background: Many young students struggle with handwriting challenges with long lasting implications to school success.

Purpose: To evaluate the effectiveness of ‘Printing Like a Pro!’ in a school-based teacher-taught printing club.

Methods: 11 children (Grades 2 and 3) with persistent handwriting difficulties participated in 24 semi-weekly ‘Printing Like a Pro!’ sessions. The Minnesota Handwriting Assessment (MHA) Total Test Score (TTS) measured handwriting performance before and after intervention.

Findings: Handwriting performance improved both meaningfully (≥ 10% change MHA TTS) and statistically, with improvements in legibility, form and size of letters (p < .008). Students with the lowest initial scores showed the greatest improvements.

Implications: Twice-weekly participation in a ‘Printing Like a Pro!’ program improved children’s handwriting quality and legibility. Occupational therapists and teachers may want to consider using ‘Printing Like a Pro!’ in handwriting groups as a practical and efficient method for improving skills of primary students who struggle with printing.