Experiences of Early Transdisciplinary Teams in Pediatric Community Rehabilitation

Tamie Aubin

Purpose: To explore the experiences of families, service providers and managers during team development and early implementation of transdisciplinary teams to inform future change management.

Methods: In-depth interviews with six service providers and managers were audio-recorded, transcribed and condensed through coding into inductive themes.

Findings: Although sought, no parents were recruited. Three themes emerged as vital during the change: 1) consideration for maintaining alignment with organizational values to guide teams during the transition, 2) the importance of awareness and managing change during an organization’s transformation, and 3) sharing valuable learning throughout the process.

Conclusion: Ensuring participants are aware of change management processes is vital when developing new team structures. Balancing theoretical knowledge acquisition and practical learning opportunities is essential when learning a new service delivery approach. Further attempts to explore the involvement of parents within collaborative teams are recommended.


Aubin, T., & Mortenson, P. (2015). Experiences of early transdisciplinary teams in pediatric community rehabilitation. Infants and Young Children, 28, 165-181. doi:10.1097/IYC.0000000000000033