Facilitating completion of outcome measures in private practice physiotherapy

Adam Cornett

Purpose: To conduct a pilot study of an administrative process to support physiotherapists in improving completion of outcome measures.

Methods: A quasi-experimental design informed the review of patient records at a clinic before and after implementation, and in comparison to a control clinic. Data on the completion of measures for pain, function, and work status were obtained at intake, after three weeks of treatment, and discharge. Nonparametric statistics were employed to determine differences between the groups.

Findings: Statistically significant differences were noted in completion of the pain measures, but not function or work status measures. A significant difference was found between groups in collecting all measures at intake and progress time points, however not at discharge.

Conclusion: Results suggest potential for the administrative process to facilitate completion of outcome measures at intake and progress points. Further study is recommended to overcome process shortfalls in obtaining measurements at discharge.